Hello everyone…

I was wondering how I would start blogging and work out things when I came across GOOGLE.. why not start with the team.. YUP! LETZ JUST GOOGLE THE COMPANY TEAM!!

oUr CAPTAIN is a zealous fireball who strives for excellence and Quality service.. He is our inspiration and our team leader.. Graphics is his cup of tea and photography , his passion.. There is a unique signature in his piece of art and an endless trail of desires for Ynot Infosolutions. He ensures that our clients get the best outcome possible with fantastic designs and technology upgraded solutions.

Let me take you to TEAM 1.. our programmers.. They are the keys to any IT company; the basic foundation of the organisation. Our programmers are a mix of caliber, humour and innovation; they put in their efforts with utmost dedication to complete a project on time. Trust me guyzz…. but they seriously programme and totally amuse us at the same time!! Our programmers rOcK our world!!

TEAM 2.. the SEO.. they strive day and night to bringforth valuable rankings for our clients. It is truely the team’s efficiency to be appreciated for our significant client base in SEO. We have brought about the best results and I should particularly emphasize on NO.1″ , as such is the report from the company.

TEAM 3.. social media PROMOTION.. they always have the best times possible, chatting with frenz and enjoying every sip of tea(while others drink to reboot their brains)..YET!! they too have to work out strategies to strenghten brands and help build a bigger empire..hmm.. (not that easy.. i know)

TEAM 4..designing and development..they are the leaders of transformation and communication. Be it a commercial website or a CMS website..or applications 4 ur web/mobile.. they design and develop the best websites and applications possible to communicate your ideas and strategies to target markets and bag your goals.. In short they colour your dreams and get them real! well.. they sketch and paint our dreams too 😉




WELCOME    TO    OUR   FAMILY…………the rest in the next post…….


catch u soon..

luv working at ynot 🙂

– nYlA


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