COffEE @ yNoT :)

Hey guyzz…

I’m back..had a blast last Saturday at the office.. FRIENDSHIP DAY was awesome with loads of work work and work.. 😀 But we did manage to cut a piece of yummy spongecake with our coffee… there was bliss with every sip and laughter at every bite.. the chits and chats never did seem to end.We even took turns to play TRAFFIC RACER in our iPhone s and  smart phones. haha.. cant tell u.. nobody had patience to wait for their turns.. we were jz bumping into each other and creating all sorts of distractions  to get the game in own hands. I was jz a beginner so I had all the crashes.. the rest were intermediates and experts and they were like literally driving their super caaarrrr on the road. hmmm.. you know wat!!! feel like taking driving lessons 4 real and inviting them for a super car race… wat say? 😉


yup! dats the spirit of friendship.. everything is fun when frenz are around..learning becomes interesting; off moods switch on; frustrations melt and smoothness wraps you; even the worst situations become easy; cheers and laughter hug you from time to time; you might be blabbing on something utterly stupid but even that becomes the joke of the day..haha.. and wat not!!

That was our bit of joy from Ynot memories.. hope you guyzz had even more fantastic why dont you jz start sharing some of yours with us………

would love to hear from you..



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