freedom! image_01               hEY..  Independence day on the heels and  I’v got a programme to cover .. a steaming cup of hot coffee in my hands and brains swirling with the pressure of the programme.. jz then I get a call from my friend. LONG TYM INDEED… we soon sank into our usual chit chats but all I could hear is her complaints at work.(Thank God.. I’m happy with mine). No freetym.. No good  working environment.. No good words of appreciation..

No encouragement.. No bonus.. NO!!  NO!! NO!!! (THE LIST IS STILL ON).  The job just doesn’t grant her the FREEDOM to be herself and work out things like every normal dedicated employee wish to. As far as I know her, she is intelligent, sincere, optimistic and innovative . hmmm….   HAAAA!!! wHeRe Is career freedom???   Tell me guyzz…. I’m damn sure most of you must be probably facing similar issues in your career life as well. The funda is simple. Companies need to achieve certain target objectives which in turn has to be accomplished with the help of the TEAM. But what does everyone in the team need? SIMPLE!! FREEDOM (ofcourse money is still in queue). Freedom to think.. freedom to express.. freedom of speech..    Maybe its the freedom of autonomy in decision making. It could be the freedom for work schedule. How about you deciding a comfortable work place? Or maybe above all this! This simple thing called freedom when provided to right people in the right terms can work out wonders. Jz a bit of magic in their hands and WOOOOHHH!! TARGET ACHIEVED. As Henry Ford said ” There is no man living that cannot do more than he thinks he can”. Its jz that the management and micromanagers have to change their  perspective for a better outcome. Pool in the whole team and grab the best deals!!   I guess what really lacks is a team work!! But this time the TEAM means the management as well. I’m pretty sure,when both employees and employers club together (instead of sitting at two different ends) we go for the eighth world wonder .    An open discussion, friendly attitude and tactical solutions can save all hazzles.   KUDOS 2 A GR8 TEAM WORK!!!! freedm1               bEsT wIsHes Nyla 🙂


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